Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chicken Tinola

Posted by aBIGwhale at 12:30 AM


LINEcamera_share_2013-06-27-00-25-081 whole chicken (cut into server portions)

3 onions (medium) sliced

1 clove garlic chopped

ginger sliced (a cup)

fish sauce (patis) to taste

malunggay leaves

siling pang sigang

sayote sliced



On a wok, sauté ginger until golden brown. Add onions until fragrant and clear looking. Add garlic (do not brown too much). Add fish sauce (patis).

Add chicken. Let it simmer, cook until chicken is (light) brown.


Add water, for me, we like “sabaw” so I put a lot of water. I let it boil.. then I added the sayote and the malunggay leaves and then add the siling pang sigang. simmer until sayote is soft.

note: I add ginisi mix if kulang sa lasa Smile or knorr chicken cubes.

Serve with patis na may siling maanghang Smile with tongue out



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