Friday, August 6, 2010

Sinigang na Baboy

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All time Filipino favorite.

1 Kilo Baboy
4-5 Tomatoes
4-5 Onions
Patis (Fish Sauce)
1 Knorr Sinigang Mix sa Gabi
Labanos (Radish)
Kangkong (water glorybind, water spinach, water convolvulus and swamp cabbage)
5-7 pieces siling pangsigang
1 Tali ng Okra (Lady’s Fingers or Gumbo)

Clean your Pork well.

Boil pork in 1-2 liters of water. (Note:Depende kung gano kadaming sabaw ang gusto mo, bawasan o dagdagan ang Sinigang Mix depende sa dami ng tubig.)

After boiling, when you see residue on the wok, remove it. (Dumi (blood clots stuff) po yun nung pork..)

Add onions and tomato, season with patis (fish sauce) and pepper.
Lower heat and wait until pork is tender.
     ** sabi nila mas mabilis lumambot ang karne pag sinamahan ng tinidor sa lutuan.. sinusunod ko naman ito hehe**

Add all the vegies, siling pang sigang and add the sinigang mix.
Stir and leave for about 15-20mins. As to not overcook your vegies..

Then you’re done

there's my fork! :) pampabilis lumabot haha you cut the onions and the tomatoes in half, and then half again :)
when you first boil the beef, you'll see the residue, that's what's left of mine, I removed most of it add the vegies, add sili last.. cook for 10-15more minutes..

sawsawan: patis with sili.. winner


sǝıʞooɔʞuıdʎɯ8n said...

my fave ulam... ftw talaga!!


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