Friday, August 6, 2010

Pancit Special ( Bihon Style )

Posted by aBIGwhale at 2:34 PM
3-4 cloves garlic chopped
1 onion chopped
1/2 carrot sliced thinly
Baguio Beans
300 grams Chicken Fillet
300 grams Pork sliced thinly ( This one I did not add, Q, my nephew does not eat Pork..)
Bihon Noodles ( I used about 300grams)
Fish Sauce
Soy Sauce
water (i used about 75ML)
2 Knorr chicken cubes

In a bowl of water, soak the bihon noodles for about 15mins then drain.
Heat oil in a pan. brown garlic, add onions. When onions are transparent, add chicken and add fish sauce and pepper. Cook until brown.
Add the vegies, carrots, baguio beans and cabbage. Cook, stirring. For about 10-15mins. Make sure you don’t over cook the vegies so they’re still crunchy.
Add the noodles (cut to desired length) and water. Add 2 Chicken cubes. Keep on stirring. Add Soy sauce until you get your desired taste.
Mix well.

Serve hot.
My digicam didn’t have battery and I was already cooking when I realized so I grabbed a couple of pictures online that looks like what I cooked. :)

Mommy says, it wasn’t salty. So its perfect for her..
N says it was yummy too!
Ate says, iba pa din yung sa Little Quiapo. (hehe syempre!)
pancit-bihon pic


creator said...

naks! gumagaling na magluto ah! berigud! :)

aBIGwhale said...

thanks! dapat lang! ako nagtuturo sayo eh :)

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